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VIVA Placitas Member Benefits:

A wide variety of support services will be provided within the ViVa network by our volunteers, within the scope of our liability insurance coverage. We will also be able to provide information on services available from a variety of non-profit and governmental agencies. We do not recommend commercial services although our volunteers may be able to provide suggestions based on their personal experiences. These commercial services are not vetted or endorsed by ViVa.

Examples of services to be provided are below, with an expectation that this list will expand as we add volunteers and learn more about your specific needs.


  • Local area transportation for healthcare needs, personal care, grocery shopping, errands and social/cultural events. Priority is given to medical appointments.
  • Out of area transportation such as delivery or pickup at the airport, when available. 

Minor Home Maintenance:

  • Assistance with minor work around the house such as changing light bulbs and smoke detector batteries, setting timers, clearing steps and walkways of ice and snow, doing minor repairs, assistance taking trash bins to the street, doing minor yard work, etc. Member is expected to pay for materials.
  • Assessment of more extensive repairs and home renovation.

Wellness Support:

  • Meals and companionship for the short-term homebound and assistance determining resources available for long term needs.
  • Physical exercise such as "buddy" walks.
  • Emotional support.
  • Wellness checks.
  • Patient advocacy/companionship for medical appointments.
  • Incidental pet care such as dog walking.
  • Relief for a family caregiver.
  • Financial guidance such as organizing email and bill paying suggestions.

Technical Support:

  • Assistance with minor technical issues such as using a smart phone/tablet, setting up email, programming a remote, setting up a smart tv, setting up security cameras, etc.

Social and Intellectual Support:

  • Companionsip and intellectual stimulation through interest groups and social and cultural events.

For more information about VIVA Placitas, email